Replenish for Nebraska Women in STEM – August 4, 2023

Save the date for Replenish, a workshop for Nebraska Women in STEM facilitated by the Women’s Fund Omaha.

Women in STEM are essential to the success of Nebraska’s STEM industries, yet continue to be underrepresented in STEM careers and face barriers to advancement opportunities. What does this mean for how you are showing up in your work and how you are showing up compassionately for yourself? Everyone is a leader and can profoundly impact the people and environments within their sphere of influence. Replenish is an opportunity to create inclusive, intentional leadership that builds a better future and affirms our lived experiences. Organizations and individuals can define their core values and practice alignment to their leadership intention.

Thriving as a leader means establishing your own model for personal sustainability. In addition to examining effective leadership, this workshop will provide space for growth through self-reflection, dialogue and storytelling. We will get honest about what’s working and what’s not and build a restorative model of personal sustainability.

Join us for a half day of building community and connection through leadership development, dialogue and reflection. Each participant will receive a Replenish workbook for their own self-guided learning.

More details coming soon.