Listen Then Act

Addressing the barriers and opportunities for Nebraska’s Women in STEM 

The Nebraska STEM Landscape: 

A large and vibrant science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce has a range of benefits for Nebraska’s economic and social well-being of communities; yet, women continue to be underrepresented in these occupations. We are leaving a huge pool of workers on the sidelines during a time when we have thousands of STEM jobs to fill in Nebraska.  

of Nebraska women 25 years or older worked in a core STEM occupation, with women of color even less represented in 2019.

To bring attention to and better understand the low number of women represented in STEM careers in Nebraska, Bio Nebraska and Nebraska Cures joined forces and recruited the Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Nebraska at Omaha to conduct a study addressing the barriers and opportunities that women in STEM face. 

Listen Then Act is a report that shares the key findings from 48 in-depth interviews with women across Nebraska who work in, promote, and support the STEM workforce. Furthermore, the report provides recommendations for action steps to recruit and retain women in professional STEM careers, as well as the advancement of women leaders in STEM. 

The pledge

We have the vision of Nebraska being a leading state in the representation of women in the STEM workforce. We recognize that in order to reach this goal, we must work together to reduce the barriers that prevent the growth of women in STEM careers. I pledge my support to contribute in the efforts to recruit and retain women in STEM fields across our state.


Whether you’re a woman in STEM looking to help lead this important effort, or an individual or organization looking to help reduce barriers and create opportunities for Nebraska’s women in STEM, sign up to volunteer today. 

Tell your story

Are you an organization who is committed to creating opportunities for women in STEM and want to share how? Are you a woman in STEM who wants to tell their story? We want to hear from you! 

This report was made possible

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Listen Then Act is a report that addresses the barriers and opportunities for Nebraska Women in STEM. The report was conducted by the Center for Public Affairs Research at University of Nebraska at Omaha and commissioned by Bio Nebraska and Nebraska Cures. 

About Bio Nebraska

Founded in 2005, Bio Nebraska is a non-profit trade association dedicated to supporting and promoting Nebraska’s bioscience sector and ensuring the sector grows and thrives. Bio Nebraska is the only organization in the state representing over 100 bio-related entities in the human health, medical device, animal health, agriculture, renewable fuels and industrial biotech sectors, as well as educational institutions and service providers. For more information, visit

About Nebraska Cures

The Nebraska Cures promotes, supports and advocates for health science research to advance our quality of life and economy. Nebraska Cures works to raise awareness across the state for the accomplishments of Nebraska-based medical research, promote science literacy, and build a stronger health science career pipeline. Learn more at

About the Center for Public Affairs Research 

The Center for Public Affairs Research is a research and community outreach unit of the UNO College of Public Affairs and Community Service. Survey research support is a key component of CPAR's mission. CPAR is also the lead agency for the Nebraska State Data Center Program. This program is a cooperative program between the U.S. Census Bureau and individual states. This relationship has resulted in CPAR taking an active role in analyzing and disseminating information from the decennial census and American Community Survey.

For more information, visit

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