The Nebraska STEM Landscape: 

In 2019, only about 27 percent of Nebraska women 25 years or older worked in a core STEM occupation, with women of color even less represented. A large and vibrant science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce has a range of benefits for Nebraska’s economic and social well-being of communities; yet, women continue to be underrepresented in these occupations. We are leaving a huge pool of workers on the sidelines during a time when we have thousands of STEM jobs to fill in Nebraska.

Nebraska Women in STEM is a partnership between Bio Nebraska and Nebraska Cures, with the support of community partners. 

Nebraska Women in STEM Advisory Committee

  • Amanda  McGill Johnson, Nebraska Cures
  • Sasha Forsen, Bio Nebraska
  • Razia Aziz-Sebile, Dog Health Scout
  • Catherine Lang, Nebraska Business Development Center
  • Julie Sigmon, Omaha STEM Ecosystem
  • Amanda Wilson, Novozymes
  • Agnes Lenagh, Streck 
  • Dr. Kim Carlson, UNK 
  • Dr. Kelly Gomez Johnson, UNO
  • Dr. Angela Pannier, UNL 

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